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About Us

SellMart is a service that is designed to give users a simple yet effective method to sell used vehicles. We specialize in buying clean, junk as well as damaged vehicles. We’ve got offices in Temecula, San Diego, and several other areas but we service the entire United States. If you’d like to get in touch with us visit our contact page.

How It All Began

With the proliferation of online classifieds, and random car sales lots, it seems overwhelming to sell used autos. SellMart changes this with a user friendly method of brokering cars, trucks and SUVs regardless of their condition.

SellMart started in 1989 when two long-time friends realized there was an empty place in the used car market. They saw this hole and designed the SellMart method. SellMart arranges to purchase your used vehicle, regardless of its condition, saving you the trouble of writing, posting and managing advertisements to sell you vehicles. “A few simple steps” is all that is needed to sell your used auto to SellMart. SellMart accepts almost every sort of motorized vehicle such as trucks, cars, SUVs and even some recreational vehicles (RVs.)

With SellMart you get the luxury of dealing with a courteous professional. You no longer have to deal with strangers looking over your car. Using online classifieds has a dangerous aspect to it as you never know who will respond or if their motivations are honest. With SellMart you get a nationally recognized business that screens employees prior to hire. Safety, manners and a polite agent is what you get with SellMart.

The SellMart agents take your information and then run a price check. A quote is given to you for the assessed value based on the year, mileage and overall condition of the auto. There is no obligation. If you do not like the price quote, you may simply say no thank you and be on your way. If you opt to accept the purchase quote, the SellMart agent draws up the necessary documents for your review and signature. Once the deal is agreed upon, a check is drawn for you and you then sign over the tile and provide all needed documents to the SellMart agent.

“SellMart has locations throughout the United States” ensuring you access to the ease of selling your auto to a SellMart agent when you are ready to get rid of the car. To help speed the sale along, be sure to have the necessary documents such as title, registration and vehicle identification number (VIN) when you first contact a SellMart agent. Provide the information to the SellMart agent when asked, to make sure you get the best possible price for your car.

At SellMart we want to you know we work hard to ensure you have a positive experience. Customer service is still important to the founders of SellMart.