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Frequently Asked Question

In order to sell your vehicle to SellMart you will need to provide proof of ownership, and possess Government issued identification. In order to prove ownership of the vehicle, you will need to possess the title of the vehicle. In some cases, vehicle registration is a sufficient form of proof of ownership.
The Process is simple and is explained in depth here.
Yes at SellMart we purchase we buy all types of damaged cars. We purchase cars with major damage, and also cars with minor damage.
In some cases if you lost your title, the registration will be sufficient. In other cases, you will need to apprehend another title. It is best to call us at (800) 225-7500, as our staff will be able to answer your questions thoroughly.
If your car is not running we will still purchase it. We will come to you, pay you, and have the vehicle towed away promptly.
If you owe money on your car we can assess the car, and give you a price. If you agree on the price, one of our representatives will visit the bank with you. Next, we will pay of the vehicle, and pay you the difference. If you owe more than the vehicle is worth we will pay you the amount specified, and you will be required to pay off the rest at the time of purchase.
In most cases we offer same day pick up. We can come to you, inspect the vehicle, pay you and remove the vehicle.
In order to schedule an appointment call SellMart at (877) 227-7741. A SellMart representative will be able to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. In most cases, we can schedule an appointment the same day.
The whole process takes approximately thirty minutes from the arrival of a SellMart agent.
All vehicles are different, please call for additional information.
At SellMart no smog certificate is required.
SellMart has locations throughout the United States, it is best to call us to find the office closest to you.