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Sell Smart with SellMart: Get Cash for Cars in Del Mar, CA

Car recycling is more important than ever as it saves energy, reduces emissions, creates employment, but most importantly, it can get you some extra cash in your pocket. However, anyone who has ever sold a car by themselves or has had loved ones trying to sell either a used or junk car locally can agree it can be both time-consuming and incredibly nerve-wracking. It could end up costing you when marketing your used car or if you should need to tow a junk car you need out of the house.

Sellers will also face a difficult choice to continue to pay insurance on the vehicle they are selling or take it off the road completely. Either or, this must be considered when selling privately if the buyers can conduct a test drive or not. Even then, most individual car insurances will not cover a stranger driving your car, and any accidents will be from your own pockets.

If you would prefer to avoid this nuisance, look no further. There is no more dealing with strangers in your house when you can deal with a trusted local company like SellMart, who can get you cash for cars in Del Mar.

What is SellMart?

We buy cars from individuals so you can avoid posting ads on websites like Craigslist or trading your car into a dealership. From used to damaged cars,running or not, give our company a call and we will purchase your car from you. Although we do buy cars from private sellers, we, unfortunately, do NOT sell cars.

Why should you choose us?

We know that selling your car is a big deal and can be a bit of a hassle. That’s why with us, we try to make the process as simple as we can with a friendly staff standing by to assist you when you’re ready. And when you call us, we offer a no-obligation quote. So, when we give you a price, if you like it, you can accept the offer or just be on your way. We are also a local service provider and have an office in your city, making it easier to sell your damaged car.

We accept any of the following types of cars:

  • Broken down
  • Classic cars
  • Damaged
  • Does not pass the smog test
  • No title
  • Junk
  • Used

No matter the condition our company can purchase from you. We will also come to you and provide free towingand junk car removalservices. Rather than driving around to different car lots, just call us and we will have one of our certified auto buyers come out and give you money for your car.

However great this may be, please keep in mind how we formulate our offers for your cars. Of course, the make, model, year, and mileage are important, as is the condition of the car. If your car is damaged or not running, this will affect the price we offer you. Additionally, if the car is older, our offer will be less than a newer car, unless you have a classic, as they may be worth a pretty penny. Regardless, we will make you an offer and get you cash for junk cars in Del Mar.

How can you sell your car to us?

Do we sound like your perfect junk car buyer in Del Mar? Then here’s a simple step-by-step on how you can cash in your clunker with us:

  1. Call us at (619) 202-5700 and give us all the details about your vehicle
  2. We’ll consider all the factors and make you the best offer we can
  3. Then if you should accept our offer, we’ll be sure to send a member of our friendly staff to check out your vehicle in person and pay you in cash. And don’t worry, we’ll handle all the paperwork with you, so you don’t have to do this alone.

We look forward to hearing from you and getting you cash for cars in Del Mar.


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