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Say Bye to Your Beater: Check Out Cars For Cash in Los Angeles

Have an old clunker that you just can’t get rid of? Have you tried countless posts on various selling sites and still haven’t been contacted? Or are you just plain tired of having strangers enter your home, think about buying your car, and then leaving without making the purchase? Then SellMart Cash for Cars is exactly what you need to easily exchange your unwanted vehicle for money in your pocket. Our local office will work with you to figure out the best price for your car in no time at all.

What Kind of Cars Do We Take?

At Cash for Cars in Los Angeles, we aren’t worried if your car is old, damaged, or no longer able to hit the roads. We take them if they’re running or not, including cars that don’t pass the smog test or even one’s with no title. In fact, if your junk car needs removal, we’ll send someone to tow it for no cost to you at all! Avoid the hassle of driving around to various car lots and have one of our certified auto-buyers retrieve the car for you.

How Offers Are Determined

Cash for Cars in Los Angeles has a lengthy process of determining the value of your damaged car, ensuring that the customer gets fairly compensated in exchange.

When deciding a car’s value, Cars for Cash in Los Angeles considers the following:

  • The make and model of the vehicle
  • The vehicle’s current mileage
  • The physical condition of the vehicle (whether or not it runs, for example)

Typically, the more damaged a car, the less its value will be. The same logic applies to the age of the vehicle, however, there’s some flexibility to that rule. If you have a classic car, for example, that might be worth a great deal more.

Steps to Sell Your Car for Cash

When you’re ready to turn in your junk car for cash in Los Angeles, there are three very simple steps you can follow to make the exchange as simple as possible.

  1. Call our company and provide us with information about your vehicle. Its condition, model and mileage are all important factors to include.
  2. After hearing about your car and determining what we believe would be the best price, we give you our formulated offer to consider.
  3. Should you choose to accept our offer, we can continue on with the purchase. We will send a member of our staff to your home to take an in-person look at your vehicle. If everything seems up to standard, we will immediately pay you in cash and begin the paperwork process, which we will handle together alongside you.

And that’s it! The steps to turn in your old, junk car for cash are that simple.

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If you’re still hesitant to turn in your junk car for cash in Los Angeles, keep in mind that we offer no obligation quotes. When you contact us, there is absolutely no risk to you as a seller. All we do is give you a price! If you accept it, fantastic, but if not, you can continue going on with your day. Our staff is friendly, understanding, and always ready to discuss our company further with you.


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