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Who We Are

Cash for Cars in Santa Ana is the future of “We buy, you sell”– except we do it better. You call, we come, simple as that. Instead of surfing the internet, scouring craigslist, meeting with strangers, begging for someone to take your vehicle off of your hands, just pick up your phone and dial our service office located in Santa Ana. We’ll be there and we’ll tow for you (for free!).

We provide a service that’s quick and to the point. The older the car, the lower the value. The newer the car or the rarer the make, the higher the value. If it’s junk, we’ll buy it. If it’s a classic, we’ll buy it. If it’s neither or those things, guess what, we’ll still buy it. No hidden agendas, no hidden fees, and no title needed. We’ll keep it simple and you’ll get what you deserve.

Ready to sell your car? Follow these steps:

  • Call our services
  • Provide vehicle specifics (make, model, year, mileage, condition)
  • Together we formulate an offer (all paperwork will be handled)
  • If accepted, a Cash For Cars Staff Member comes your way
  • Staff Member will provide you with cash
  • Car towed for free!

How Do We Formulate Offers

Setting prices, negotiating numbers, and finding common ground when talking money is a dead end conversation for most dealerships. You wind up racking your brain for answers, clarity, reasons why, and oftentimes they won’t explain. But when you choose us, you choose simplicity.

We buy cars and set prices based on details that make the most sense:

  • Model, Make, Year, Condition
  • Damaged or not
  • Running or not
  • Junk or brand new

Although damages and condition play a role in setting the price of your vehicle, we will never turn down a car that doesn’t run. So if you’ve had a dust collecting, clunker in your garage for the past 20 years, a family owned classic that’s been passed down the line until it burnt out, or a brand new car that serves no purpose in a new city, call our service, we won’t turn you down and we won’t rip you off– everything is based on facts. Sell your damaged car, sell your used car, sell your classic car, recycle it for the price it deserves. We’ll buy it and you’ll get the money– in cash.

Why Choose Us?

So, why choose us? We’re direct. Cash For Cars in Santa Ana is in the business of helping you out. We don’t buy to sell, we buy to make your lives easier. SellMart removes the middle man, the time spent looking for a dealership, the conversations wasted as dealership salesmen maneuver their way around the point in hopes of making the most money. We want to help you, we want to satisfy your needs. We’ll buy the car, but our goal isn’t to sell. Our customers are our #1 priority. Everything comes second, and you don’t have to worry about any of it.

Our process is easy:

  • Call us, we’ll answer
  • Provide the proper information (make, model, year, condition)
  • Formulate an offer together
  • We’ll pick it up (for free)
  • Cash in hand
  • Relax and enjoy

Don’t drive around searching for used car lots wondering if you’ll get the money you deserve, just call us– the only junk car buyer in Santa Ana that you need. We’ll provide the service, you’ll get the cash, and if you change your mind at the end of the call, that’s okay. We offer a no obligation quote so there’s no risk in calling and there’s no pressure to sell.


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