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Do you have a vehicle that you no longer need sitting in your yard, garage, barn, or somewhere else? Could you use some extra cash right now? Well, then look no further. Sellmart Cash For Cars in Imperial Beach is the answer to those problems!


We, Sellmart Cash For Cars in Imperial Beach, are easy to work with, we have friendly staff, and best of all we take your car, running or not, and give you money for it!

The process in simple:

  1. You read this article and realize you have a car you no longer want or need and we buy cars!
  2. You call us, Sellmart Cash For Cars in Imperial Beach.
  3. You tell us a few things about the vehicle you want to sell us.
  4. We take the information that you gave us and we formulate an offer just for you (No obligation quotes mean no risk).
  5. If you like our offer you can accept and get the process moving (Possibly unlike the car you are trying to get rid of).
  6. We send one of our friendly staff members to see your clunker, junker, classic, etc.
  7. We pay you cash, handle the paperwork together with you, and we take your car.


Not only do we pay Sellmart Cash For Cars but you can sell your damaged car to us even if you lost the title! That’s right, no title needed! We take all types of cars, old cars, new cars, classic cars, cars that are damaged, or no longer run. No matter the condition we can buy it from you! So, if you or someone you know has a vehicle they need to get rid of and is looking for junk car removal then send them our way because we offer cash for junk cars in Imperial City.


Car recycling is such an awesome way to get rid of junk cars that are just sitting around taking up space. And what makes it even better is we come to you, we pay you cash, and we can tow it away, FOR FREE! No more posting on Craigslist, Facebook Market Place, etc. and having multiple strangers traipsing through your property just to look at a car that they may not even buy. Instead, you can deal with us, a trusted company near you.


You no longer have to drive around to multiple car lots just to be told they can’t or won’t buy your car for one reason or another. We buy cars that are damaged, old, broken down, or just plain junk. You no longer have to sell to them just to see them reselling your car for a ridiculously high price to someone else the next week. We don’t sell the cars you sell to us. We only buy cars from private sellers just like you! And all you have to do is call us and get a no obligation quote!


In case you are wondering how we calculate your no obligation quote for your car we will tell you how. There are a handful of things we consider when calculate a cash offer for your car:

  • What type of car: The make and model of your car.
  • The age of the car: What year it was made.
  • How far has it traveled: The mileage.
  • What has happened to it: The condition of the car (i.e.: pristine, totaled, driven into a lake, just a scratch, etc.)
  • Can it move on its own: Does it run.

These things have a lot to do with how much money we can offer you. Different makes and models can be more or less rare than others. If a car is extremely old may make a difference compared to an almost new car. Now, some old cars are considered classic cars and that of course may make your rather old car worth more than an older car that is not a classic. As far as older cars go, many release too much carbon from the exhaust. And we are okay with that. We can buy cars that don’t pass the smog test.


If the car has been driven more, then it would have more wear and tear under the hood from the high mileage. If say, you drove it into a large body of water such as a lake it may have water damage. If you kept it mostly in the garage and barely touched it other than to clean it that makes a difference too. If you can’t drive it down the street because it won’t run or just won’t go that far that makes a difference versus a car who can drive a few towns over without issue.

So, to recap, if you are looking for a junk car buyer in Imperial Beach, give us a call, and we can give you a quote. If you like the quote we can come to you, pay you cash, and with free towing you don’t even have to pay to tow it away.


If you are wondering why you should choose us to recycle your spare car, here are just a few reasons:

  • We give you a no obligation quote, so there is no risk to give us a call.
  • We buy all kinds of cars and in all sorts of conditions, not just nicest of used cars.
  • We come to you. You can stay at home throughout the whole process. Who doesn’t love that?
  • We pay you cash. You don’t even have to leave your home to cash a check after we pay you.
  • We offer free towing. You can’t beat free.
  • We won’t resell your car after we buy it from you. We don’t sell cars we buy them from people like you!
  • Our staff is friendly and we are here to help!

In short, we, Sellmart Cash For Cars in Imperial Beach, can buy your car(s) and pay you cash. And we hope to hear from you soon!


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